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Develop your full potential through UXCrush Resources



Figma is an incredible tool as a frontend developer. You could see in detail the design before to code it.

UXCrush is a curated collection of Figma resources: UI kits, icons, website templates and all sorts of freebies created and shared by the Figma community.

Dashboard Example

Interested no ?

You want to develop something but you have no idea to do ?
You want to apply a technology on a new project but you have no idea to do ?

Through multiple UXCrush resources, you don't need to think about the idea of the project. You just to select the project you enjoy and stay focus on what you really want to do : learn & code ❤️ ❤️

UXCrush Resource

So simple to get a figma resource and open it :)
I don't know how many page there is but you have the choice.

You will probably want to download multiple projects and select one of them after. Keep in mind, several selected projects is good but a completed project is better.

Import them into your figma and you will get ready to start your new project :)
Figma Import


It's probably an excellent resource if you want to start to create a project without idea. And there is something for every taste : desktop landing / mobile app / ...

All feedbacks are welcome ❤️
Maybe you have already try these resource ? Do not hesitate to tell me in the comments and get READY for the first challenge 🚀

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Luca Vavassori

Hey @geminii :)
I am the founder of FigmaCrush and wanted to thank you for this post and ask for a favour.

Because of copyright issues, I had to change the site domain from to Unfortunately Google didn't like this change and we lost a lot of organic traffic.
I was wondering if you would be so kind to update your post and replace every mention of "FigmaCrush" with "UXCrush", and also replace the link which is still sending to the old domain? It should send to

Thanks so much for your help!

geminii profile image

Hey 👋
Glad to meet you and ofc to update with new name of 👍
I will update all links and the series to give you more traffic on your awesome website 🔥👏
Don’t hesitate if you want to discuss more 🙂

ilvava profile image
Luca Vavassori

Thanks so much for this Jimmy! Really kind of you :) :)
Have a great day!

ashishk1331 profile image
Ashish Khare😎

This was hidden gold, because I love figma and freebies. Also, I can practice from them. Thanks for sharing!

geminii profile image

With pleasure 🙏
Let me know what you will develop 👍