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Never stop to learn but practice

Learn learn learn

As a frontend developer, you need to learn constantly to follow the technology but almost to increase your skills.

But why ?

I'm confortable into my job and i like my current language.

This answer isn't entirely acceptable for some reasons :

  • Do you understand completely your language ?
  • Are you not curious to discover some tips and tricks ?
  • How could you offer your expertise on a new project ?
  • Questions list could be longer...

Follow a technology or some tutorial is not enough. Listen is not enough, you need to practice to increase your skills. This is the observation that I made after several months of reading blogs.

Learn ok but how to practice without project ?

Yeah, for some developer like me, it's hard to develop a website without a visual destination and a real objective.

Yeah, I want to learn some things like CSS animation because I can't into my current job (animation is useless for some persons).

Yeah, I want to train on Vue3 the latest big feature Composition API.

For all of these reflexion, i try to found multiple project to learn and practice by the same occasion.
Anyone could join myself through an experimentation code on some challenges. An entirely series will be dedicated to present the ultimate resource and challenges for each of one.

I will purpose many challenges in different technologies thanks to your feedback. The idea behind this is :

  • to learn together (even if we use the same language, we could improve our knowledge through the code of someone else)
  • to compare challenges results (on the challenge, i will list of all your project)
  • collaborate on a challenge through Pull Request (improve UX/UI, improve readable code, ...)

But Stay focus

If you like me love to reading posts on, you may have already lost yourself through the immensity of the number of interesting posts.

I know it's hard as exercise. But to progress, you need to stay concentrate and work synchronous on a task. Don't be asynchronous, because you will lost much of time.


Whether you are freelance, in a job, or in training, never stop learning and stay curious. Even if you are only few minutes in the week, it's always a benefit for yourself of the future.

Any feedbacks are welcome to discuss ❤️

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