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Great tips! I would add one more: try to come in upbeat and stay positive throughout the interview. It really feels like stressful place to be in, but think about how it’s a great opportunity to talk with some interesting people about topics you might have not touched otherwise. It can help you cope with the challenging situation.

From the side of the interviewers, they are looking for someone who would be a good add to a team. People who have positive vibes even in stressful situations is a great attribute. Just this one thing alone will not get you hired, but it helps build an overall good impression.

Good luck to anyone preparing for interviews!


Yes I totally agree! This is on a similar tangent on "Don’t let one bad round beat you".

Keeping positive has honestly not only help me with interview but also with clients when consulting. Sometimes, there are just really bad situations and everyone is having to deal with it. Blaming other people or letting the stress get to you can sometimes come off as you won't ever be able to solve the problem.

Most business problems either have a solution or an explanation. As long as you are willing to push and stay upbeat you will find it! So I double Gergely's comment!

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