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re: Hi Jason, I appreciate your thoughts on nutrition, and I have gotten similar advice over the past year. No hard feelings but I dismiss this advic...

Furthermore, your body doesn't really think in terms of partitioned meals, breakfast and the other meals are all social constructs. If the body considered its TDEE on a daily basis, weight loss would look extremely linear. This is not the case and it's probably more pragmatic to think of your caloric expenditure in terms of weekly targets rather than a daily one. In other words, from your body's perspective, it doesn't really care when you ingest but rather the deficit or surplus. In the hierarchy of nutritional relevance from a weight loss perspective, timing of meals and caloric intake is largely a micro-optimization.

Please see this article for reference:

Incidentally, that site is a wealth of information regarding IF, probably even more so than the original lean gains.

Cool, I will check this article out after work today! One of the reasons I wanted to share my story was specifically to get feedback like this!

BTW, you bio has an error. jk lol

Ah thank you, I'll be sure to fix it with something more meaningful :)

I've been practicing IF long before I was ever a developer, but luckily being a developer meshes quite well with IF.

yes I have found this to be true, I hope others can share their experience good or bad with keeping up a good exercise regimen while also being a full-time developer.

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