re: I was billed for 14k USD on Amazon Web Services 😱 VIEW POST

re: Yeah they were so reasonable.. they issued a refund request for me so I didn't had to pay anything I didn't use. They called it "unauthorized usage...

Sounds like they really understand what happened - how awesome. The only other CS that I could think of that is that lit 🔥 would rather be Spotify (@SpotifyCares) or Slack (@SlackHQ).

Netflix is pretty chill on payments issue as well. At least for me, they allowed me to watch and pay later when my credit card got compromised! Not related to the subject, but I felt that they should have their name mentionned here :)

for them 10(20,30?) bucks of delayed payment is less than nothing - recommendation from happy customer - priceless )

Nice story :)
AWS knows before the hacker that your keys are compromised. They are running a similar script/program to check whether your keys are publicly exposed.

So you know that for a fact? Or are you guessing?

I've found Slack (@SlackHQ) support to be awesome too.

I have seen instances like this before where some guys would have exposed their repo publicly with the keys and immediately started receiving emails from AWS that their keys are compromised. I am guessing the fact they would have done it the same way the hackers are doing it.

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