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Discussion on: The Myth of Sisyphus, Failure, & the Meaning of Imperfect Code

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This is an important post right here, is one of the reasons I dislike Robert Martin views and I seldom recommend his books, I think they are useful only if you have this post perfectly clear. I don't like that view of "if you don't write code exactly as I tell you and imperfect in any way, you, you family and all your descendants are cursed and you shouldn't have been born at all", you know what? your code is imperfect, that should be the 1ΒΊ rule, no matter how good you think you are, not even how good you actually are, your code is imperfect and the 2ΒΊ should be try to do it better tomorrow. If you try to write perfect code you'll not write code at all and that's what I suspect happened to Mr Bob Martin, I've tried to find some code of his and only found books and articles; I don't think he has written a line of useful code besides examples, and as an art critic shames and diminish the work of others, I really avoid him nowadays, very toxic attitude.

I think your post hit the nail in the head, over the years we find ourselves solving similar problems over and over again but hopefully better each time, and hopefully to, we grow to enjoy the process, we "optimize" ourselves, we shouldn't be ashamed of our work, never ashamed of our past selves, we should only try to enjoy learning how to be better, never perfect, just better, the rock may be down again tomorrow but we are not the same as yesterday. I liked your post :)

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Daniel Starner Author

First off, thanks for the kind words! I agree with your comments and views, and I think its important to kind of call out those who only criticize imperfect code without finding the growth that was achieved through that code.

we "optimize" ourselves

I don't know why, but I really like this wording. None of us will ever be perfect, but we keep getting better 😊