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Discussion on: How much loyalty do you owe your employer?

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In what context?, in general I don't like to think in terms of loyalty, is too blind for me and intentional blindness is never good for me. You would cheat on your partner because you are loyal? no, don't do it because you will hurt her; you will share private info because you are loyal? no, do it because is a shitty thing to do. Loyalty usually leads to selective shittiness, you don't do something right because you are loyal, you do it because it's right, you use loyalty on the other hand to justify something wrong to someone to whom you are not loyal. To me loyalty is often if not always an excuse. We tend to look for rules and simple statements, which is better?, what is good?, etc. That, to avoid having to ponder every case, and that in every field, of course we would like something like "Vue is better than React" or "lettuce is better than celery", that would be so much simple, but reality is that simple, we have to consider every case on its own. How much loyalty do we owe your employer?, how much loyalty do we owe to anyone?, none if you ask me, you should aim to do the right thing because is right and not justify the wrong because of loyalty to someone, some country, some religion, race, group, etc.

Loyalty, in my book, is for "lawful neutral" kinda character, which to me is somewhat morally lazy; I aim to be more of a "neutral good" kinda guy.

Of course that's my opinion at the moment and the terms of it can change if better arguments and or evidence are presented.

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Gwyneth Peña-Siguenza Author

Thank you for the reply. I’ll use it as I formulate my own opinion