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Discussion on: Is Haskell bad for FP?

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Christian Gill • Edited

I'm just getting started with Haskell, so my opinion might not be the most accurate one.

There are two big barriers when getting into Haskell:

  • the complexity of the ecosystem: Stack vs. Cabal, bad text editor support, complex docs. All of that make it hard to get started. Other languages do much better in that sense (i.e. Rust).
  • the big part of the community that focuses on the CT heavy, research and academic oriented face of Haskell. Quite often a library points out to a paper as part of the documentation. This scares a lot of people of. But in reality, the industry face of Haskell is much approachable.

Both of them are solvable, but require effort.

I still think it's worth to invest, both personally and as a industry, in the language. Although I would not mind a "cleaner" version.

EDIT: to answer your question. I think it's both bad and good. Bad because of the arguments you mentioned and the ones I did. Basically the entry barrier is high. And good because it's a natural progression for those learning FP. At least in my experience it was.

Another language will not necessarily solve these problems. E.g. the academic tendency will still be there.

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Jan van Brügge

yeah, stack and cabal is a unfortunate historic development, but luckily both camps are slowly converging.

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Orian de Wit

To me, the biggest entry barrier was indeed cabal, but also the cryptic errors.

After a while you get better at reading the errors, but I feel like the threshold could be so much lower for beginners if type system errors were reported in something that resembled English.