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First Post: Javascript Frameworks

If I knew things like these existed where you could blog, I would've started a long time ago. Anyways, straight to the point.

I am quite new to web development and after 3 years of getting myself comfortable with front-end development with the fundamental 3 (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), I have been struggling on picking the right framework. I initially chose React, because that was everyone was talking about. Although I got the basics down pretty well, such as props and state, I found some critical parts of it very overwhelming, such as passing state from parent to child.

After doing some research, I was hearing a lot of experienced developers declare that VueJS is friendlier as a framework to learn as a step up in making applications using plain Vanilla JS. I gave VueJS a shot, and so far, I really like it. This whole JavaScript framework stuff makes my head spin, but after giving VueJS a try, I'm taking it and running with it. Best case scenario, VueJS will be a stepping stone to learning React and other future frameworks that are bound to manifest themselves in the future.

On the side, I picked up Svelte, and as a "framework" (because it's simply a compiler) and I love that even more. Apparently it is ideal to choose just one framework to learn at a time, but I can't resist but play around with Svelte during the weekends on my off-time for example.

I didn't know the world of Javascript was so expansive. It is overwhelming as someone new to web development, but it comes with the territory.

Nothing to constructive, nor is there a takeaway message for my first post. I just wanted to get my thoughts out and get the ball rolling with this blogging thing.

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