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Giorgos Kontopoulos πŸ‘€

We are in such a profession that what we learn is never enough we always have to learn something new before we master the previous technology.

So as I said earlier just focus on a project or tech that makes you happy or you are curious about and you will learn enough to start a real project. Sometimes we might learn a technology in the middle of a real project and that is OK. We are supposed to be adaptive and receptive of such things because there is always something new to on the horizon.

See if you can think in what subject matter you want to be involved in the next 3-5 years and focus to understand terminology and perhaps start a project or do some tutorial on the subject and see if it really interests you if it interests you keep on learning or apply for a job that is relevant and you will learn even more.

The best learning sometimes comes out of necessity.

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George Ilias Author

Thank very much you've helped a lot