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My zsh ❤️ Aliases

This post features my ever-growing list of alias-es. I will write about my oh-my-zsh theme settings and plugins in another post 👍.

My zsh aliases are written in a separate file and loaded in my .zshrc file like so:

  • source $HOME/dotfiles/zsh/aliases.zsh

I'm using homebrew as my package manager.

Miscellaneous aliases

  • alias help="tldr"

Because those man pages can be quite intimidating, I prefer to use tldr for the first, quick glance.

  • alias top="sudo htop"

Interactive process viewer - to see what's hogging your memory. Good for killing processes fast!

  • alias yt="youtube-dl"

For quickly downloading youtube content. More about youtube-dl here.

  • alias reload="source ~/.zshrc"

For quickly reloading your zshrc config.

  • alias finder="open -a Finder ./"

Open your current directory in Finder (I'm not super good with copying and moving stuff around in terminal yet).

  • alias weather="curl -4"

Check out the weather in your city.

  • alias cat='bat'

cat with syntax highlighting and other stuff. More about bat here.

  • alias md='mkdir -p'

Make a new directory only if one (with the same name) doesn't exist yet.

  • alias please=sudo

Because being polite is cool.

  • alias d='dirs -v | head -10'

Display the last ten directories.

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