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Discussion on: From where I should learn front end development?

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Hey there! How is it going?
As you, I'm learning web dev since the last year, 1 year and three months, up to now.
I've started from scratch with HTML, CSS and JS, the basic. Then, I've started with some projects taken from YouTube and Codepen, amongst others.
In a moment of the learning process I found that I couldn't practice and make real projects by my own, as a freelancer for example.
During all the learning process I've faced this situation. So, I decided to start my own project for a e-commerce. Actually, the project was for my aunt. She was the only person that I knew whom needs a web page.
The deal was that I wouldn't be paid for the job, only for the hosting and domain if it were neccesary.
In conclusion, you should start with your own project, whathever the project is and with the frameworks you know. Just apply all the knowledge you've acquired and you'll see how to put it into practice. The secret of progress in web dev is practical. And bare in mind that maybe you won't be paid or enought paid for your job as a beginner.

I hope these words find you well!