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Cloudflare announced

Cloudflare announced their service today.
Currently it is in pre-registration stage, you can sign up for a custom subdomain (sign up is free).

Some basic info what this is, most people here probably have heard about Cloudflare Workers (or some other serverless alternative). Well before if you wanted to host a serverless application on Cloudflare you had to already own a domain and change your nameservers to Cloudflares nameservers.
Not everyone might now how to get a domain, manage nameservers (or other DNS settings), so with this new service Cloudflare will take care of all that. You get the full power of Cloudflare Workers without needing to manage the things around it.

Here is the Cloudflare blog post if you want to read about it.

I personally have no experience in serverless applications but always wanted to try it out. I pre-registered and hope to experiment with it soon.

What do you think about this new service? What would you build with it? Or are there any alternatives that are better in your opinion than Cloudflare Workers?

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