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Glenn Carremans
Glenn Carremans

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Cloudflare announced Warp

Last year on April Fools Cloudflare launched, claimed to be the fastest, most secure, most privacy-respecting DNS resolver on the Internet.

And this year, again on April Fools, Cloudflare announces Warp! A more advanced VPN than any other provider because it is designed from the beginning for mobile devices that switch a lot between networks. There are also other benefits but I don't want to get technical in this post, everything can be read on their blog post.

A basic version of Warp will be available for free in the app. A more advanced Warp+ paid version will be available in the future.

You need to sign up to the waiting list to get Warp. This can be done in the mobile application.

What do you think about this new Cloudflare service?
I personally think that Cloudflare releasing a VPN is a good thing, especially if your read about how they are building it and focusing on mobile devices.

Official blog post: Introducing Warp: Fixing Mobile Internet Performance and Security

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Glenn Carremans

Depending on the features of the application itself and if they will in the future add support for desktop I might decide to replace my current paid VPN with Warp (or maybe even Warp+).