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Discussion on: The Real Facts About VPNs

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Glenn Carremans

I use PIA (Private Internet Access) on my phone and macbook all the time.
So far I have had no bad experience with them, they do updates regularly and it keeps getting better (app UI).
They have a 0 logging policy, not that I need it but still nice to know.
In the price it is included to run PIA on 5 devices simultaneously.
And PIA has servers in 33 different countries.
No bandwidth limits and they recently added custom DNS support (I use Cloudlfare DNS).

Btw I am not paid by them I just like their service.

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Sorry but '0 logging policy' does not mean that they are not logging. If you'll do something illegal via VPN, nobody will go to jail for you for few bucks per month.
If you want privacy by design, Tor is much better choice.
Just my 2 cents.

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Glenn Carremans

PIA their no logging policy has been proven a couple of times in court already:

And indeed Tor is a better choice in that case but still using Tor doesn't make you invisible.