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I have been using a VPN for my work laptop and mobile phone for about 6 months, mainly because the clients office I worked at has a very strict firewall that blocked a lot of the websites I use.
I also use it 24/7, even when I am on my home WiFi. Having an extra protection layer to your communication and be able to be sure that nobody can follow the websites that you are visiting in this data hungry time gives me an extra peace of mind.

I have also switched my default DNS and my VPN DNS to (Cloudflare DNS). They don't log any IP's.
For my VPN I use Private Internet Access, they also don't keep any traffic logs and this has been proven in court multiple times.

For a few months now I have also switched to Brave browser and DuckDuckGo as my default search engine on both devices.

I know that these steps alone won't help because I still use Google products and Facebook apps but still I think it is getting me in the right direction and minimises the amount of data that I share.

The only downside that I have experienced so far is that I sometimes get a recaptcha on certain websites. Not very often though but certainly a lot more than without a VPN.


You're going through all of the steps to online freedom, I love it! You're much further ahead with this than me. I have only experienced the recaptcha when browsing the internet through the Tor network. With NordVPN I haven't experienced this so far.

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