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re: I've got a MacBook Pro 2019 earlier this year. I'm not too sure about anyone else, but I actually cannot stand my MacBook as the keyboard feels so ...

Apple ditched the butterfly switches and went back to scissor switches in this new Macbook Pro (same as on their Magic Keyboard).


I mean, I get your point, but I'm still waiting out because they sold the Macbook Pros with the butterfly mechanism for so long while saying "we've fixed it now! honest!" that I no longer trust their fancy marketing nor do I trust the average reviewer as this thing took a bit of time to happen.


Doesn't matter. Apple only made one good keyboard, and that was the Apple Extended Keyboard (M0115).

On my Macbook Pro, I use a Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Edition Chroma keyboard. Do I carry around with me when I use the laptop? Yes, yes I do. I hate the Apple keyboards that much.

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