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On Glitch This Week

Glitch This Week is a regular series in which we round-up just some of the amazing projects that fantastic creators have made on Glitch. Here are a few projects that caught our eye this week.

Play Scattergories with Friends ✍🏽

For the lucky among us enjoying a long weekend this week and hanging out with friends and family, Steph Monette's "scatterg" game might come in handy. It's a simple way to play Scattergories. Grab one or more friends, a pen, and a piece of paper. Then use her app to randomly generate a letter, hit play on the timer, and write down words in each of the listed categories.

Remix it to put your own spin on it - change out the categories, or tinker with the rules to make things more interesting.

Map with Me 🌍

"mapwithme" by Javier Arce is a collaborative mapping tool that lets anyone with a Twitter account add interesting places to your map. Crowd-source great places to visit, or poll colleagues for restaurants to try - whatever you want to create a create custom map together for.

Make Card Art 🃏

Luke Patton's "canvas-cards" is a gallery of card designs created with JavaScript canvas. Updated weekly, it's an ever-growing collection of generative art inspired by math, architecture, nature, and other things.

What's more - each card includes an editable code block that you can tweak to make your own designs, or learn more about how each one works.

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Other apps in this week's round-up include an app that turns you into a Roman, a themeable illustration using Material Components, and a Coding Train project to learn about data and APIs in JavaScript. Check them out!

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

Glitch both excites and scares me.
Too old to figure it out.