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On Glitch This Week

Hey everyone, this is the first post in what will become a regular "Glitch This Week" series, in which we round-up just some of the amazing projects that fantastic creators have made on Glitch this week.

Chaos Equations

Inspired by a math art video on YouTube, design technologist Jered Danielson created "chaos-equations". It's a real-time visualization and animation of dynamic chaos equations. While the GUI is built with React, the visualizations are hardware accelerated and rendered with WebGL via Three.js.


Writing Cron expressions can be a little bit tricky. The right order of values to get the timing I want is always something I have to look up. But "sponcron" by Anna Bialas and Thang might change that. It spontaneously generates a cron expression along with its human-readable form, so you can see and learn from the results different values create.

Play Board Template

Lastly, Emily Withrow and John Keefe from the Quartz Bot Studio created "playboard-template". It helps facilitate user testing for interactive audio experiences and accompanies a blog post they wrote about rapid prototyping for voice apps like those used on Alexa and Google Home devices. With it, you can design voice conversations and flows before getting mired in technical implementation challenges.

I hope these apps will help you with your own code projects. Check out the other featured projects in this week's round-up on Glitch.

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

I could play with the chaos equations one forever 😍

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Jess Lee

Ah! These are awesome! Chaos equations is mesmerizing.

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Ben Halpern

TIL: cron expression

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Jeremy Bauer ✨

Awesome to see Glitch on here!