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On Glitch This Week

Glitch This Week is a regular series, in which we round-up just some of the amazing projects that fantastic creators have made on Glitch. Here are a few projects that caught our eye this week.

Svelte 3 Starter

Svelte is a component framework, like React or Vue, that compiles to vanilla JS. This week saw the release of version 3, which packed in a significant overhaul. The result is great performance, smaller bundles, as well as the built-in style encapsulation and declarative transitions. If you're excited to try it out, then check out Tom Wilson's "svelte-v3" - a quickstart project that will get you up and running with Svelte 3 quickly - remix the project and start editing src/App.html.

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Humor Detecting AI

Next up we have "humboto-humor-ai" by Tanya Brassie. Using next-generation technologies, the app has "endowed Hümbōto Ai with a brain capable of recognizing humor". Upload an image and see what humor rating it gets. Then try viewing the source to understand the true depth of this AI tech ;)

Model-Viewer Tester

"model-viewer-tester" is a handy app by Mr.doob that enables you to easily test how your models look like in model-viewer, a web component for rendering interactive 3d models on the web and in AR. Drag and drop a GLB or embedded GLTF file to check it out.

Ooh, and a bonus app! While Glitch is primarily focused on Node.js, other back-ends do work. So I thought I'd throw in this great Python project "datasette-csvs" by Simon Willison. He got Datasette, his tool for exploring and publishing data, up and running on Glitch. As Simon writes in this blog post, the result is you can "drag-and-drop in a CSV file and watch it get served by Datasette on Glitch just a few seconds later," making it easy to turn CSV files into a browseable interface and JSON API.

Check out the other featured projects in this week's round-up on Glitch.

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