HTML5 canvas - part 1: Drawing

Guillaume Martigny on May 14, 2018

Drawing in a canvas Since HTML5, it's possible to use the <canvas> tag on your page. But, how are you supposed to use it ? In this first p... [Read Full]
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Cool intro post! I just started to learn about HTML5 canvas too :)


See you soon for part 2. And, don't hesitate to share some of your work here whatever the result. ;)


I'm a huge fan of HTML canvas having played with it a lot over a number of years, so great to see a (well written) post about it! HTML canvas can be a lot of fun, looking forward to part 2.


Thanks for you comments, it's heartwarming. Hope I could teach you 1 or 2 things despite your experience. Subscribe to not miss out ;)


Nice post!

I've been using canvas for a while to make arcade games, mostly as a way to sharpen the Javascript saw.


Hi Guillaume. Quick question: how can I achieve the canvas used on Will it part of your coming series, drawing on pictures?


Hi David o/
The link you provide did't use <canvas>. However, you can easily achieve the same effect with it. I don't want to sound too teasing, but images will be treated in part 3 ;) (if you have more question, you can mail or tweet me)
Stay tuned.

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