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HTML & CSS Learning Fatigue

So I have been caught up in the tutorial-learning loop on web dev for a while now. I want to bring out of it by using what I already know (in HTML & CSS) to build projects or challenges.
I know by doing this I will build confidence and be able to break out of this cycle. Please I recommendations and sites to help me get my hands "dirty".

Secondly, I noticed that the natural path of learning web dev is HTML > CSS > Javascript.

Is it possible to replace Javascript with Python ?


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Roland Szabó • Edited

Hey! Welcome to the world of Frontend!

JS and Python are completely different languages. You can use JavaScript to fiddle with DOM elements client-side once HTML and CSS rendering are done. Python, however, is a server-side programming language that you can use to make your HTML more dynamic, by connecting databases and doing all kinds of server-side magic that I'm not qualified enough to comment on.

Long story short, you can't replace JavaScript with Python in what JS is was built for, but you can use them side-by-side for different things.

In terms of jumping into more real-life projects, I can recommend two sites for practice:


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David Amour

You can of course now use JavaScript server side too, just to make things a little more confusing!

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I noticed you haven't linked a personal website (portfolio, blog, or something else) anywhere. That is a good starting project, imo. Be your own customer, do it the way you want, and rewrite it every few months.

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Thanks, I have been giving myself some side projects already.

I pushed HTML images to my current limit to test all the possibilities of the image tag yesterday. One, linking out specific objects in an image using HTML seems to be obsolete since the job can be done using JS. But I did gained some confidence.

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Python is a server-side language, however it's one of the best, if not the best, starting programming language.

Arguably you could explain a bit what do you want to do in the future, however if you want to continue the web-dev route and go for full-stack developer you can't replace JS with python. Some developers say that a good route to go is HTML -> CSS -> PHP instead of JS but I find it's more of a personal preference.