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Gokul Kathirvel
Gokul Kathirvel

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Grammarly won't work in

I noticed that grammarly is enabled for the editor in I'm not sure if this was intentional or any issue with my browser. Anyone facing this?

I'm using latest Firefox.

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

👋 We disabled Grammarly for the time being because there was an error on their end that disabled the post editor text field. I don't think Grammarly has made a fix lately, but maybe it has?

I believe it was only for Chromium based browsers though, so Grammarly should work on Firefox.

If you want to re-enable Grammarly manually, you can run this snippet in your browser console. However, I'm not sure if it will allow the editor to work 😬

document.querySelector('textarea').dataset.gramm_editor = "true"
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More details in this issue:

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Gokul Kathirvel

Thanks for the info, Andy. Will See if I can use your snippet

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Matej Bačo

Yeah, same problem here. Their support told me it is “disabled on purpose by the website”, but that is pretty much just deattaching from responsibility, in my opinion... Whenever I am done with an article, I copy the whole thing into a Grammarly document and correct it that way. They don't mess with formatting, and you can ignore errors related to markdown or emojis.

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Ricardo Campos

Hello guys! Any updates on this? It seems grammarly still not working. Thanks!

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Lucy Linder

It's been more than a year, still no fix ?

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Samarth Agarwal • Edited

You can try QuillBot's Chrome Extension if you are looking for grammar checking and paraphrasing featurs. It works quite well with textareas.