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re: Yep, I did follow through from this post and get a trademark filed for my new product (well, currently filed in Australia pending final approval). ...

Thanks for the pointers. I am planing to trademark in Australia and US, and as you said, looks like it's worth getting an attorney's help (any recommendations? ofcourse if it permitted to post it here).

In the mean time I am curious, did you need to launch first in order to establish that you are already using the tm, or you were advised that its okay to file the application first and then launch(for both - international and here in Australia)?

Like my original article covers to some extent, I had launched basic marketing under one name only to find out later that it was trademarked in Germany. At that stage though, my product wasn't (and still isn't) launched.

As far as I understand from a trademark perspective, it doesn't matter launching before or after. That said, if you launch first then find out later you can't have the name, you may need to walk any branding etc back.

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