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re: Not a Joke. Many people have problems with this. My recommendation is to write your code so you do not require this at all. When you do not have th...

I didn't read through the other comments or reactions or I might have seen you are serious about this ( no pun ), sorry about that. Now looking I see many discussions above, but many people ( not all ) have come to the same conclusion I did. As i read through some of your actual responses your goal seems to be to tackle the task of teaching new developers how to deal with this, I dont see this as a successful completion of that goal. BTW call the added code whatever you want, Id call it a package because id surely use a package manager to grab it, otherwise i wouldnt bother using it.

I wouldn't say nothis is for teaching new developers. I actually wanted the ability to use pure function, to use arrow functions and to also use destructuring. Things I couldn't do with specific 3rd party libraries.

In code that I control 100%, I never write this. So this is never a problem that has to be solved. Well... until a 3rd party library forced me to do so.

And after I rediscovered my love for JavaScript after throwing 90% of it in the trash, my code became much more pleasurable. A lot of issues just disappeared.

Have a look at the code here: github.com/joelnet/bitcoin-all-tim... for an interesting read. It's a functional reactive style and doesn't have many "staples" that most applications have. no this, if, else, switch, var, let, for. Yet without these things, it's still a fully functional program.

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