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I think I know what you feel.
And I have good news for you - you are on you first step to change your life!
You have recognized - something is going wrong, now it's time to find what you need to change.
You feel unmotivated and it's not the reason of the problem - but the effect.
Try to talk to yourself or an experienced psychologist - what you like and don't like in your life.

I have experienced something similar few times in my life.
Once I recognized I felt being in a cage in my life. After a long self-reflection I just quited my job and decided that from now I will work remotely and live the life I want, the life on my rules.
Another time I understood I am not motivated to continue as a developer.
I just took half a year to quit all I did and listened to myself. That period helped me to reburn and to understand how I want to continue my life.

Maybe you need to change your profession, company, or start own business.
You have already taken the vacation - it's a right step! Take your time as much as you need to find the answer.

I have shared some of my experience here as well:

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