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I am an IT specialist and experienced developer, working as Developer Evangelist.

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ITMO State University, Information Systems and Technologies


Developer Evangelist

10 Telegram channels with remote job📢

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Dev.To Time Limit setting

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Emoji in presentation?

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Create presentation viewer for your Android📱 [use case]

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500 followers!😱🤩 About myself

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Fallback font and font substitution for presentations

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Developers Halloween

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What is fallback font?

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Have you ever lost all of your data?😰

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Convert anything to anything

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Get url clicks with Dev.TO API

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Automate presentation speaker notes

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Boost your presentations with GIFs

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Sign and send any document with GroupDocs.Signature (API)✍️

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Which foreign languages did you study?👨‍🎓

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4-hour daily interrogations...?🕵️‍♀️ no, meetings!

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Working remotely made me more efficient. And you?

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Aspose APIs save you from MS Office Automation hell

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