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re: I'd also recommend looking at Vagrant, might be closer to what you're trying to do than Docker.

Thanks for your recommendation.

Would it be possible to achive the following with Vagrant:

I have an Access Database that I connect to with specific version of Java. In order to make this work you have to register ODBC DataSource inside Windows10, there are 32bit and 64bit versions and if you have 64bit office installed the 32bit version becomes unusable... so a really big clusterfuck so everytime the client wants me to change something I have to go through the process of setting everything up (this happens 2-4 times a year) so there is a good chance I changed the machine / software etc...

For the reasons above I have a special VirtualBox instance just for this where everything is set up and ready to work. (correct ODBC driver installed, correct 32bit version of office installed, correct version of java, etc....)


I haven't had personally quite the same use case but from what I understand, yes. This problem should be solvable with Vagrant, likely easier than setting up by hand.

will take a look into it. my main goal would be to have all the vagrant images in repository that is version controlled. so everytime a new developer picks up a project it should work out of the box regardless of his machine as long as Vagrant/Docker/Virtualbox is supported on the machine

Yep - I think the idea is to just store your Vagrantfiles in said repo. The images can be reproduced entirely from the files.

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