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Discussion on: Micro-app architecture using Angular

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Graham Evans

Hi Pranesh.

This is an interesting article and one that got me thinking! Will your solution allow each micro app to run against its own version of Angular so one could be on version 8.1 and another on 8.2?

I noticed your bundle concatenation script didn’t reference the script.js bundle, how will your solution deal with third party scripts from this bundle?

Your compiled version test-one.js is added to the containers asset folder, have you considered hosting the micro app separately to decouple the relationship as if the micro app changes you have to redeploy the container?


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Pranesh Author

Hi Graham

Thank you for going through the article.

It is recommended keeping all the micro-apps in the same version. Having said that I have not experienced anything breaking while using a micro-app with Angular version 8.1 along with another micro-app with Angular version 8.2.

Any external script which is common across all the micro-apps can be externalized using extra-webpack.config.js. Any other micro-app specific script needs to be bundled along with the micro-app.

The compiled version of the micro-app can be hosted in any external systems or cdns. Here for simplicity, I have kept the scripts inside the assets folder.

Hope my answers help. Let me know if you need any other clarification.