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Discussion on: Changing job - How often is too often?

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Gualtiero Frigerio

I think it is ok to change jobs more frequently in the early years of your career.
In my 13 years I've worked for 4 companies, 3 in the first 5.5 years so less than 2 years on average, and I've been working in my current company for more than 7 years. Now that I'm a senior and many projects depend on my input and knowledge I don't want to change job just for the sake of trying something new if I'm not sure I'm the best fit for a position. I've turned down many job offers that I'd have accepted in my early years, so eventually I'll leave but it has to be a really great position.
When I was younger I din't care much about that, I wanted to try something new and I don't regret that as I've seen 3 different companies with different methodologies. I think it was good for my experience, but I'm glad I was able to settle down for a few years working on the same company. Changing jobs ever year or every other year isn't great in the long run in my opinion.