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Discussion on: The Power of Not Knowing

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Kirill Shestakov • Edited

I'd also add that knowledge can be a kind of a curse. Once you learn how to build X, you might get set in your ways. You might start expecting your colleagues to follow the same way. You might not appreciate the multitude of other ways to build X. This discourages creativity and fun (obviously, not at expense of readability or performance), and, instead, encourages a dogmatic vision.

Suppose you've perfected your knowledge and understanding how to build technological systems. Now what? Now, realize that you only know a small portion of the picture, a small cross section of this multi-dimensional space. Be open and accepting of viewing the cross-section at different angles, and continue learning from others as much as they learn from you. Best teachers are forever students.

Knowledge increases your confidence. However, it may lead to inflated ego, which can often present itself in subtle or not so subtle ways. Beware of that, and make sure to stay humble, no matter how much you've achieved.

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Vaibhav Dwivedi Author

"Best teachers are forever students."

What a great statement. And you are right! We need to be welcoming of different perspectives of people. It is NOT necessary that the way we see things, is the same as how others see it.