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10 Free API resources for beginners 🤩

Application Programming Interface(APIs) makes it easy for two applications to talk to each other. Each time we book a movie ticket, flight ticket, or may be using Facebook, or Instagram we are using API.
As a beginner while we are learning to build something may be it a simple image gallery app or weather forecast app, we need data. So, In this article, we will see some free API resources that will help you to learn & build your app quickly.

  • The purpose of the article is to provide free API resources that are totally free and don't required any kind of registration.

  • Best thing about these resources are, they are CORS (cross-origin resource sharing) free.


1. Postman News API - The API provides you different types of news such as Health, Sports, Business, etc...
For example to fetch the health related top headlines you can request the endpoint mentioned below -

2. JSONPlaceholder - The most commonly used free fake API for testing & prototyping.

3. Lorem Picsum - Get random Unsplash images.

4. KONTEST - The API brings info about all running & future coding contests from different platforms like CodeForces, Hackerrank, Codechef, Leetcode etc..

5. Random User - If you need random users for your project then you should use it.

6. Postal Pin Code - Postal PIN Code API allows developers to get details of Post Office by searching Postal PIN Code or Post Office Branch Name of India.

7. Nager.Date - Get list of public holidays for more than 90 countries.

8. Coin Stats - A Crypto tracker API that provides you coin details with prices & latest crypto news from verified 40+ news sources.

9. - Exchange rates API is a simple and lightweight free service for current and historical foreign exchange rates & crypto exchange rates.

10. Bored - The Bored API helps you find things to do when you're bored! There are fields like the number of participants, activity type, and more that help you narrow down your results.

Conclusion - Through the article, we have seen free API resources which a beginner can use easily. There are still a lot of free APIs available but many of them require registration, check it out here - Public APIs

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