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I am not 100% sure if I am an Impostor or just suffer from Impostor Syndrome.

I had a buddy of mine helped me to get my foot in the door at my 1st really corp job while I was finishing up college to getting my BS in CS (which in retrospect feel did not give me a whole lot of anything to help me with in the CS world, learned everything I know in the field/on my own). I started in a reconciliation department under the impression that I knew VBA, which I didn't...
I didn't even know where in excel to start coding. They guy that helped me get the job some what mentored me and show me some basics, with that a google I was good to go and I would say at some point surpassed him. Then I moved on to using MS Access as well. Spent about 10 years of my life doing that until I was laid off...

Which then I found a job where they needed a VBA developer to help rewrite/clean up/maintain/develop new tools with Excel/Access. Then with in the 1st month they started working on a project to migrate all computers from XP to Win 7, which was being help up because of an app written in 1999 would not run on 7 machines. So with zero knowledge of building a proper program I set forth and some how pulled it out of my ass in about a week. This caused me to make the jump from VBA to VB.net, wish I would have know how similar they where to make the jump much sooner.

Since starting that job I have been moving Access Databases to SQL server, writing full on Apps, ASP.Net web pages and learned C# and much more in to OOP then I was.

That was about 3 years ago, still feel like I am faking it to make it. I have always been the lone wolf programmer, as the previous job it was do to fact that we where going around IT for the quick and dirty fixes, and currently is cause I am the sole programmer. It has been hard at time not being able to have someone to have discussions with on what I am working on and if I am handling it the best way.

Not sure if I am truly an Impostor or Not? But I have always been of the school if I don't know how to do it I will find away to make it happen.

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