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re: If you have a TypeScript project you should be using tslint. Choose your tslint config and then add the tslint prettier config as well. Here's a go...

Thats my basic question on why do I need tslint? Typescript parser helps me detect all the code issues and prettier styles the code.


Prettier formats the code and the TypeScript compiler type checks, but neither are linters. Prettier is linter-like in the sense, it does the linting formatting rules part. However, for example TS nor Prettier will enforce using const or the no-console linting rules or how a variable is written, e.g. camelCase vs. PascalCase. This is why I'd recommend also using tslint.

I agree. I Have not made up my mind yet, thats why I am trying to understand what people do in similar project setup. Then i can also follow the same path.

Update to this. I use eslint with TypeScript now. If you want to see my setup, check out

nickytonline /

Source code for my web site

Netlify Status

Hey there, I'm Nick and this is my site's source code. This site started off as a clone of the Netlify CMS Gatsby Starter (check it out!). Since then, I've tweaked it a lot and converted the codebase to TypeScript.

Feel free to peruse the code and/or fork it. πŸ˜‰

Thanks to all the wonderful projects that made it possible to build this blog.

To get up and running:

  • clone the repository by running git clone or git clone
  • run npm install
  • run npm run develop to get up and running with the Gatsby development server.
  • Since the project uses Babel and not TypeScript as the compiler, a separate process is required to run type checking. Open another terminal and run npm run type-check:watch
  • If you're curious about why the Netlify CMS admin is…

Also, here's a great post from @robertcoopercode about TypeScript and ESLINT.

Woot woot thanks for the shoutout.

@gyandeeps and I have been discussing whether using a linter is at all useful when combined with TypeScript. He doesn't seem convinced, haha.

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