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Discussion on: How to Get an Object Length

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David Wickes • Edited

I enjoyed this article! "How to get an Object Length" really undersells it. Didn't know about the enumerable property - or the weird thing with symbols. Great piece of writing.

How would you use these features? I can understand enumerable being useful to get some level of 'privacy'/encapsulation into an JavaScript object. Are symbols with keys the same thing but more so? Are there any other uses?

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Samantha Ming Author

Thanks David for the kind feedback! In regards to symbols, from the readings I gathered, it seems to serve one main purpose: create property keys without risking name collisions (since symbols are always unqiue). I have not personally used symbols in my daily programming yet. if you know of any other use cases, please do share. Might be an interesting one to cover in a future post, have to dig into it a bit further 😊