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re: A common mistake IMHO is to delegate a "DevOps" role to a separate team that works for the other teams. It leads to the "Ivory Tower" issue. There ...

There should be one or more people with DevOps role for each team

I'd go further; there is no such thing as 'a DevOps' - it's not a job, and it's not a role. It's a mindset and a way of working which everyone in the team has to commit to.


I agree that it's more of a mindset, and I can tell it may take a herculean effort to apply such a mindset for some companies. In my experience, companies that apply software factory principles and assign very specific roles and responsibilities to each employee have a hard time moving to DevOps. After all, a software factory treats software like an assembly line. People get used to the assembly line like Charles Chaplin in "Modern Times".There is little room for innovation, processes are long and tedious and there is a lot of friction between different teams. In these cases, it may be a good idea to have a transition plan where there is a "DevOps" role for each team.

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