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re: I recently did an interview that didn't even have programming challenges at all. It was mind blowing. They wanted to discuss past projects I had al...

The best engineers are problem solvers, not fact memorizes

💯 this

When I'm hiring I'm looking for the right attitude to solving the problem in hand, and a suitable approach.

For instance, I wouldn't instantly judge a developer if they didn't know how to create and use an HTTP client in a given language. But if they didn't know that they needed a client, or that it was called a client, I'd worry. If they don't know how to make a POST request to send a form, that's fine - but I'd want them to know that that's what they need to do, to tell me that, and then to search for how to do it.

What I look for is a developer who doesn't get stuck, doesn't panic, reads their stack traces, and does something rational as their next step (I loathe developers who just flail around changing things until it works). And searching for an answer on the web is a very rational thing to do.

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