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I had a few talks with recruiters about this topic.
Most of them agree that remote is here to stay. Most of the infrastructure is already paid, licenses were expanded and, as the cherry on top, the possible candidates for hiring have increased by quite a large number.
Employees have more free time, feel more productive and don't have to do 8 hours at a time, which helps tremendously with concentration.

"You can't expect people to work from the comfort of their home, rid of commutes, with more time to themselves and their families, just to take it away after a year. That just won't happen without major backlash."

There are quite a few benefits to remote work, for the employee, as well as the employer. Both sides probably have partially seen the ROI by now, to justify extending this "experiment" for a while.

As for me, this is a double edged sword. While I love having the freedom to distribute my hours to my liking, as I have been able to since I went freelance, I suck at setting boundaries.
If I have fun, I have no problem working 12+ Hours a day. Though, and this is important, as a freelancer I rarely have days with <10 hours of work anyways.

On the other hand, I do hate wasting time, which is were the businessman in me has to speak out. Commuting to me is 100% wasted time. It's not billable, it has tremendous monthly upkeep where I live, and the most important, it is not fun for employees.

So I don't know really. I don't think I'll find a reasonable balance anytime soon, but I would prefer remote work over office work any day of the week. Especially Saturdays on my sunny balcony I feel rather productive :D

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