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When things are back to normal, will you be working from home or in an office?

Ben Halpern
A Canadian software developer who thinks he’s funny. He/Him.
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In a year from now if the world has returned to "normal", do you see yourself working from home or an office, and do you have any say in the matter?

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Bobby Iliev

I quite enjoy working from home, I'm more productive and I don't waste time on daily commuting and I get to spent more time with my family.

Being able to go to an office once in a while is nice because of all of the social interactions but in the long run I prefer working from home.

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This embodies my feelings perfectly πŸ€—

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Mark Nicol

This so sums up how I feel.

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I'm really missing the interactions that happen in an office but I don't feel like jumping the gun on returning to an office - the risk just isn't worth it. I foresee remote for at least the next year :(

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Suzanne Aitchison (she/her)

I've been lucky to always have had a day or two from home a week in my dev jobs, but post-pandemic I'm looking to have a minimum three days from home per week.

I've come to really value some aspects of working from home - some time for mindful yoga on my lunch break, and just generally being free to really enjoy my home.

Plus more time with dog so I mean how could I tell her I'm going back 5 days a week πŸ˜‚

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Dog thinking mabye after 10 sec I leave home -- He has been gone for a long time and what if he never came back😍❀

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Dennis O'Keeffe

The hardest part of isolation for me has been not spending time with others and struggling to find a boundary to switch on/off from work since the bedroom has also become the office.

Our company always supported remote work so I had a nice balance of home-to-office days, but going zero contact hours has been surprisingly tough. Video calling is no replacement for time with work friends either.

It may be different story once the lifestyle goes back to normal outside of work, but for now it is pretty grim to reflect on!

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If you have issues with the on/off part, It's good practice to set up a space dedicated to work only. If you have a laptop that means moving out of spaces you relax in. If you don't have the option of an extra work room, move to a quiet cafe to get your work done.

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Frank Font

Dennis, I've had the option to work from home for decades and found that I prefer to exercise the option to hang out with friends while getting the work done. I tried to share that perspective before Covid19 in this ...

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Rafael de Azevedo

The company I currently work for have actually decided to shut down the office and operate strictly as a distributed team. We are a small bunch, and adapted to the remote dynamic so well that no one sees the sense in having a work setting to go back and forth to anymore.

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Katherine M. Moss

I seemed to manage to keep my office position throughout. I think that these sorts of things will be determined unfortunately on how each company and other environment heeds the media and whether or not they do. I, for myself, have stopped.

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Omar White

I think eventually I will transition back to the office, but I think my company will stay flexible and remote friendly post COVID. I’m not sure if the transition back to the office will actually happen next year though, I anticipate it could be longer, depending on when a vaccine or effective treatment is readily available.

In my ideal world I would take a hybrid approach work from home or the office depending on the day. But before remote work could be truly ideal for me I need to move into a different apartment. I don’t have enough space here to setup an office that isn’t just the corner of my bedroom.

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Itachi Uchiha

We’re working from the office. 1,500 people get infected by covid-19 daily. I can die. That doesn’t matter to me. But I’m afraid because of my dad and mom.

Btw, I think my boss didn’t trust us. During the COVID-19, I completed 10 projects by myself.

Idk, why his thoughts like that.

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Bernard Baker

That's terrible and horrible and not very safe.

itachiuchiha profile image
Itachi Uchiha

Exactly. But they don't want to believe this COVID really dangerous.

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Bernard Baker

Wow! I find it hard to believe.

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Paulo Lopez

Sorry about that. Hopefully your boss will transition to have you guys work from home and maybe be at work 1-3 days/week.

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Michel Renaud

I'm hoping they'll let me work from home (despite living literally across the street from work). I find there are fewer distractions compared to an open-plan floor (you can see everyone moving about, hear them chatting or on the phone, etc.) I find I'm more relaxed when at home and get more done during the day. Hell, if they give us the option of permanent teleworking and that we don't have to live in the area, I might even consider moving to a place with a lower cost of living because CoL is becoming insane around here.

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Kevin Pennekamp

Oh man, I hope that I can work a big chunk from home. I really like it. I am also able to spend way more time with my newborn baby (during work) and my commuting time is reduced. One or two days at the office is nice, but I hope I can start working from home for atleast three days a week.

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Francisco Quintero πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΄

Our boss just told us two weeks ago the company is going full remote from now on. The office will be open for those who want to go there but no obligation.

I like the mix. Being able to work from home whenever I can and also be possible to go to the office to enjoy the views, go out a while, or meet pals.

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Zachary Fowler

I want to have a say in the manner. Working from home this much has taught me how much I enjoy being with my family. I love it when my daughter comes down and asks to watch " one baby shark, daddy please" I laugh, and with 3 monitors, she sits on my lap and I put on baby shark and move my work to the other monitors.

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Drew Bragg

I had been working really hard to get my company to let me work from home before the pandemic. Wasn't easy as they are by no means a remote friendly organization but the digital department is small and my boss was way more progressive than other managers so we were figuring it out. I was up to 3 or 4 days WFH and only really coming in for larger meetings or at the beginning of a project where there was a lot of collaboration. I was, and am, much more productive when I WFH and my boss knew it so it wasn't a problem for him, just those above him. Now that we are all working from home the digital department is having the least amount of issues and is the most productive. We were on slack before the pandemic, used basecamp religiously, and kept our face to face meetings to a minimum well before we had to. The rest of the company is struggling to adapt but it's just business as usual for us. The company has noticed and is starting to implement some of the tools and strategies we use. (We're no longer are the weirdos of the company!)

The company recently started talking about reopening and returning to the office. Luckily its going to 100% optional for at least another year so it looks like I'll be WFH for at least another year. Hopefully by the time that year is up they wont care where any of us work as long as we produce high quality work on time.

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Daniel Cender

I'm in a very similar position. I work at a construction company, so my team is one of the few that can operate entirely remotely. I certainly hope we can stay remote as long as possible.

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Matthew Daly

I've enjoyed working from home for the most part, and would like to continue doing so.

Also, a few years back I made a doomed attempt to move back to the area where I grew up, and if I could work from home permanently I could do that without the grief of having to change jobs - I could just find a flat there and move in, continuing working the whole time.

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Eka • Edited

I work for a fully distributed org. When it's safe to do so, I'll still prefer working from my coworking space & the occasional coffee shops, because doing different activities in different places gives me better structure and discipline, while still getting the flexibility benefits of remote work (stuck & sleepy in the afternoon? go for a swim/a walk or have a quick coffee with friend who's available or see a random free art event etc).

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Remco Buddelmeijer

How much I enjoy having the freedom that I have at home, I sincerely prefer working in the office. So whenever the option becomes available to be working from the office, I will take the first possible train there.
However, I do not have any saying in the matter and as it looks right now: everyone will have to work from home until further notice.

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Kyle Jones

Working from home - our office's lease was recently up for renewal and due to our successful migration to fully remote at the start of the pandemic, it seems logical from a safety and costs perspective to continue as things are now

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Arden de Raaij

After freelancing for years I thought I was done working from home and preferred the office, however, during this whole covid stint I re-discovered that I love working from home. No commutes, no getting home late and still needing to do groceries and cook. And best of all, I really enjoy my home and being able to actually use it as such, instead of a place where I come to sleep and occasionally have dinner :D.

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Sandor Dargo

I enjoy working from home. There are way fewer interruptions than in an open office. Not to mention that I'm closer to family, I don't have to drive through endless traffic jams.

I would definitely stay at home.

Is this possible? I'm afraid not full time. Before Covid it was maximum 2 days per week (already not that bad!), we'll see if it changes and in which direction. But I know that top management was delighted to see that the productivity didn't drop, so probably they will trust as better.

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Ben Sinclair

I'm hoping to stay working from home.

Something I twote the other day, actually... I'm starting to think of home as where I live and work, and a shared office as "working remotely". Because it is! For me, it's like 70 minutes remote and the time for that is something nobody ain't got.

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Rus Kuzmin

I think companies will start seeing how much money they would save by having everyone working from home and will opt for temporary offices on specfic days, I mean if you can get the work done from home, why not?

Also, check your messages please!

Thanks for posting

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Scott Hannen

Home. Not having a clear a boundary is a minor concern, but the benefits of working at home outweigh it. I get more sleep and eliminate wasted time stressed in traffic. I have an office but sometimes I work in the living room. Either way the office is far more distracting. At home it's easier to work in manner that suits me ergonomically. (If you've never tried sitting on a comfortable chair or sofa with a keyboard in your lap, try it.)

My employer already sees the change and seems good with it. I might have clients down the road that want more in-person interaction, but I think we'll be able to minimize it.

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Justin Dorfman

Remote has been normal to me for 4 years. I do occasionally miss working out of a co-working place from time-to-time. When things get back to normal I will definitely resume that. For now I've been working out of my car to change things up. Yes, my car.

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Bernard Baker

Awesome. Tell us more. I occasionally work on my phone. Submitting PRs, deploys and checking logs.

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Yaser Adel Mehraban

I am dying to go back to office and have some face to face interactions, but for sure my working preferences have changed. Maybe 2 days from home and the rest in the office

We’re a social bunch by nature after all

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Harsh Shandilya

I've never worked in an office, always remote so I'm looking forward to moving to Bangalore and working out of an office once I'm done with college next year. I was going to be on prem for a couple weeks during my semester breaks but...yeah. Really excited!

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Gabriel Laroche (he/they)

I discovered I enjoyed working from home a lot more than an office. I was worried I wouldn't be able to do it once this is over, but my company announced recently that we are going remote first covid or no covid, the office will be more of a coworking space and they will give us a few more stipend to make remote work more affordable.

cguttweb profile image

The small company I work for has always been office-based when I first started working from home was discouraged with everyone preferred to be in the office. That changed last year with a policy to allow anyone who had been working for a company for a year to have the option to WFH for a day a week which I took advantage of.

I think a year from this will still be the case with people office-based for the most part as we were due to move into a brand new office the week after lockdown which unfortunuately still is probably a few weeks away yet.

duellacodes profile image

I think I will switch to mostly working from home and occasional office trips rather than what was happening before, which was the reverse. Cuts down on the commute a lot and I can concentrate better not working in an open plan office.

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Jan Wedel • Edited

I have mixed feelings.

I enjoy not having to commute and I like having my coffee machine at home. I also love to spend more time with my kids.

On the other hand: I miss social interactions, I miss the air condition in our office, I miss playing table soccer with my colleagues. Moreover, pair and mob programming just doesn’t work as well due to bad connections,
VPN and remote git handover.

So I kinda attempt to do more home office in the future with some fixed offices days to meet colleagues. Maybe some of the technical issues will be resolved...

nerdharder615 profile image

Honestly I don't know what will happen next. There has been talk about getting us back in to the office in the next few weeks but we are not expecting that to happen. Since the pandemic hasn't really been contained much of our efforts to get back to the office has been put on hold or reversed.

I don't mind working from home, but it still would be nice to get out of the house to actually interact with people. I am on day 140ish since I have started working from home and at times it really feels like a prison. yes I am more productive, but still I would love to get out of the house for something other than food shopping.

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Annie Taylor Chen

As a female developer I can say one benefit is that I don't need to share the toilet with a bunch of guys, lol. (In Sweden gender-neutral toilet is very common).

Of course there are tons of other benefits, including doing housework during the break, not wasting time on commuting, eating healthier home-made food etc. In the end I had better concentration, became more productive, and found time to work out! I can't imagine going back to office... I would prefer to work remotely forever.

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Dave Jacoby

The office is half a continent away, and of the devs, I think there are two of all of us who work there. It was remote before the plague, and it will be remote after.

I was going to the local coworking studio each day, and I don't think I'll do that anymore, except on special occasions.

szabikr profile image

I can imagine having some days in the office when collaboration is key. For example at the beginning of a project when deciding on architecture, frameworks. Continuing, every now and again a dev meeting would be good when everybody is in the same room. Doing the actual coding from home, potentially loosening up the 9-5 hour window so that developers could work when they feel the most productive, would be a cool new way to consider.

Not sure how entry level developers feel about this? (Having someone to go to with questions physically is quite useful)

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PaweΕ‚ ŚwiΔ…tkowski • Edited

I've been working from home before, I'm working from home now - that's enough experience to clearly know that it's inefficient, tiring and harmful to my relatons with the family. I'll gladly come back to the office for at least 2-3 days a week very soon.

xanderyzwich profile image
Corey McCarty • Edited

I'm currently in the garage which is isolated enough from everyone, but is getting hot with summer. New desk and chair ordered to go in the bedroom. Depending on how that works out, I may wind up enjoying working remote (in the AC). Ultimately my company is mostly in office, although people are allowed to move away and work remote.

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Nick Lewis

I'm already back in the office. It's [fairly] normal, just with some extra safety measures for cleanliness and distance.

I too, like others, rather enjoyed working from home. I was just as, maybe more productive. I was less stressed. I loved not having to commute. I saved money, and the environment by not having to drive for a couple hours each day. Felt great.

I'd love to be in a situation where working from home would be more acceptable and possible within an agency environment. Whether that will be able to happen, I don't know.

alexandrudanpop profile image
Alexandru-Dan Pop

Before lockdown I used to work 50-50 office-home. After all this is over might probably reconsider some office days, though don't know if the companies will still justify offices by that time. Perhaps I will be in co-working spaces a few times a month... πŸ€”

Wrote about it here:

habereder profile image
Raphael Habereder

I had a few talks with recruiters about this topic.
Most of them agree that remote is here to stay. Most of the infrastructure is already paid, licenses were expanded and, as the cherry on top, the possible candidates for hiring have increased by quite a large number.
Employees have more free time, feel more productive and don't have to do 8 hours at a time, which helps tremendously with concentration.

"You can't expect people to work from the comfort of their home, rid of commutes, with more time to themselves and their families, just to take it away after a year. That just won't happen without major backlash."

There are quite a few benefits to remote work, for the employee, as well as the employer. Both sides probably have partially seen the ROI by now, to justify extending this "experiment" for a while.

As for me, this is a double edged sword. While I love having the freedom to distribute my hours to my liking, as I have been able to since I went freelance, I suck at setting boundaries.
If I have fun, I have no problem working 12+ Hours a day. Though, and this is important, as a freelancer I rarely have days with <10 hours of work anyways.

On the other hand, I do hate wasting time, which is were the businessman in me has to speak out. Commuting to me is 100% wasted time. It's not billable, it has tremendous monthly upkeep where I live, and the most important, it is not fun for employees.

So I don't know really. I don't think I'll find a reasonable balance anytime soon, but I would prefer remote work over office work any day of the week. Especially Saturdays on my sunny balcony I feel rather productive :D

coderaman07 profile image
Aman Ojha

I would prefer In Office coz being at home from soooooooo many time made me a bit lazy I just code Code and Code

I want a little break but untill this world returns to normal I would be doing like this

me = Person ()
while (me.awake()):


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ItsASine (Kayla)

Officially, my company is looking to reduce real estate now and just have every engineer work remotely and "book" time online in a cubicle or office if working in office is needed.

I've always wanted to work remotely so this change is great for me :) I'm more concerned since I've always wanted a remote-first firm and this is a distrust-wfh-to-suddenly-full-remote firm. Once the dust settles from recent layoffs, I'll feel far more comfortable if they actually have real expectations and plans around facilitating remote work.

Taking them at their word that we're going full remote, I bought a $1200 desk chair that I'm hyped about. Moved my desk space all around to work better with how I work. Overall just trying to get settled into work a lot more at home as this is looking to be the new normal at my company.

Things I hope to see a year from now: 1. way more companies going remote-first or at least remote-friendly. 2. hopefully I get an office stipend for electric costs raising

ianturton profile image
Ian Turton

Since I worked from home before covid I expect to stay here afterwards too. With any luck I will need to make fewer trips to client's offices as they should now know they can have a virtual meeting and thus save me the 3hr drive.

georgemanakanatas profile image
George Manakanatas

Chances are that I will not have much say in the matter since working from home is a corporate policy issue at work. Not needing to commute has been quite pleasant but I suspect I will need to go back to the office.

ferricoxide profile image
Thomas H Jones II

COVID19's been all but a non-change in my life. I was already mostly remote - only going in for about once per week for 4-10 hours depending on mail backlog and production glitches that needed addressed. Since the lockdowns started, I was moved to a new, 100% remote project. So, even once the "all clear to return" is issued, I'll be (almost) fully work-from-home (with only occasional forays onsite for my old contract).

thebouv profile image
Anthony Bouvier

Home. Permanently.

The idea of going into an office and being there for the better part of my day sounds tremendously depressing.

My home has better light. More choices for seating. More comfortable seating. And I don't have to wear pants or have inane side conversations that constantly distract me from work.

mylovelyhorse profile image
Joanne Dennehy

Hoping for a mix - my older son is starting school in September and working from home definitely makes things easier. I do like the collaborative aspect of being in the office though and even the coffee break where you talk absolute rubbish with coworkers!

reemhamz profile image

I'd like to have the flexibility of WFH and coming to the office whenever I'd want. I would say I'd WFH 2 days a week and the rest would be in the office. This is because I can easily get distracted easily at home, regardless of the perks of being in my PJs all day, unlimited pour over coffee (my way or the highway!) and whatnot. Plus, I like having a good morning walk to the office, it's a good way of keeping myself active.

danieljsummers profile image
Daniel J. Summers

I'll still be working from home, because once they figured out how to make us productive remotely, I asked about moving away, and my employer agreed. We closed on our new home this past Friday, and are looking forward to living where we want to live, after the US government told us where to live for the past 22 years. (retired from the military in February)

nataliedeweerd profile image
𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐚π₯𝐒𝐞 𝐝𝐞 π–πžπžπ«π

Both... I'm not enjoying being forced to WFH and not seeing my colleagues, so I'd like to be given the choice of WFH some days, and being in the office on the others.

kailyons profile image

Normal is at home and school for me.

sheikh_ishaan profile image
Ishaan Sheikh

I want to work from home as I'm enjoying it, also it saves travel expenses and time for me, but maybe I have to go to the office.πŸ˜•