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Discussion on: What programming skills are you learning right now?

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Juha-Matti Santala Author

I saw a meetup talk about Crystal in a local Ruby meetup this spring. It looked very interesting!

Do you have some specific use cases you're learning it for or just out of general curiosity?

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Elliot DeNolf

My current position is very .NET-centric, so I was looking for an opportunity to explore outside of that ecosystem. However, I wanted to do that without having to go through all of the runtime exceptions that are inevitable with a lot of the popular dynamic languages out there. Crystal's combination of features seems like a great mix in that regard.

  • Clean, concise syntax like Ruby
  • Type-safety via a compiler to shorten the feedback loop, like C# that I'm used to.
  • Extremely fast compared to other languages

I'm currently working on a few useful libraries that seem to fill a gap in the current community's packages.