What programming skills are you learning right now?

hamatti profile image Juha-Matti Santala ・1 min read

I guess the people on this site are quite eager in learning new things and improving. I'd love to know what skills (maybe it's building or consuming REST APIs, learning React Hooks or SQL) you are learning right now.

In the comment section, let's work together to help each other learn these things by sharing good ideas, articles, learning materials and so on.

I'm currently working on learning how Electron works and how sharing data between the main thread and renderers work. Mostly by trial-and-error.


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I'm learning golang!! It's so different from the other languages I know (Javascript, php) and I absolutely love it! Right now I'm just learning the basics but I want to get to a point to learn how to build a "fake" CMS and a "fake" e-commerce site.


I am learning whatever is required for Bug Bounty


Anything specially interesting you've learned lately while doing those? I personally never really got into the security stuff but every time I've had the opportunity to attending pen testing workshops, they have been such a blast.


I've been learning Crystal. It's a great mix of Ruby syntax, typing with inference, and compiled language speeds :thumbs_up:.


I saw a meetup talk about Crystal in a local Ruby meetup this spring. It looked very interesting!

Do you have some specific use cases you're learning it for or just out of general curiosity?


My current position is very .NET-centric, so I was looking for an opportunity to explore outside of that ecosystem. However, I wanted to do that without having to go through all of the runtime exceptions that are inevitable with a lot of the popular dynamic languages out there. Crystal's combination of features seems like a great mix in that regard.

  • Clean, concise syntax like Ruby
  • Type-safety via a compiler to shorten the feedback loop, like C# that I'm used to.
  • Extremely fast compared to other languages

I'm currently working on a few useful libraries that seem to fill a gap in the current community's packages.


Currently learning data structures and algorithms in javascript and trying to pick up react