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Matt Hamilton
Matt Hamilton

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PayID Hackathon live coding - Monetizing Github Commits

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of having a colleague of mine, Si Metson, on my livestream on Twitch.

A 1080p version of this video can be found here on Cinnamon

We are doing part II tomorrow (Friday 4th July), come join us!

We had been brainstorming ideas for what to do for the PayID hackathon that we wanted to take part in.

We came up with an idea of allowing Github Commits to be monetized by creating a webhook that could parse the commit messages and look for PayIDs and then make an automatic payment to that PayID based on some pluggable policy.


  • Pay simply per commit a fixed amount
  • Run code coverage tests and pay if code coverage is increased
  • Run some static code analysis or quality analysis, pay if that exceeds a certain threshold
  • Pay per line deleted (Mia, you reading this? ;) )

Anyway, in the live session above, we got some basics of a serverless IBM Cloud Function being used as a Github hook, now we just need to plug in the PayID bit. We will be using the Xpring SDK to pay out in XRP as that is the fastest and easiest cryptocurrency to integrate, but it will be pluggable to handle any other addresses in the PayID (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum).

Once we have completed part II tomorrow, I'll do a more detailed write-up of exactly what we did in the session.

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