I studied my CS major in Spain, after which I worked for a year and a half in Madrid where my director was a woman and some of my best colleagues were women as well. After that I moved to Ireland and worked for two years in Dublin, in an environment with more than 30 different nationalities, men (85%) and women (15%) and then again worked with excellent professionals from both genders.

Leaving aside the vast majority of men in IT, I can tell you the following:

  1. Throughout my career, all the way from college up to where I am now, I have never heard anybody make a sexist comment towards women in tech (nor any other engineering). Even better, guys often complain that there aren't enough women.
  2. Women are as capable as men for the job.
  3. Women never got paid less than their male counterparts.
  4. The distribution of management / lead roles is still mostly men but if we see the ratio of roughly 80/20 for men and women, I have seen management in the order of 70/30, meaning that for all there is, many women succeed in their careers.

So, to be honest when I see posts like this one the first thought that comes to my mind is GET THE HELL OUT. From where? From the toxic circles or workplaces or cultures and countries that allow those individuals to thrive.

Should I make a comment like that to a colleague, and I'd be with one foot out of the office already. But to be fair, I wouldn't have gotten the job in the first place.

Life is too short for BS. The world has never been smaller. Find your place and don't listen to petty little humans with petty little minds.


Agree with this. I have never seen any kind of discrimination in the workplace before. In my line of work having a diverse group makes for a better knowledge pool overall in majority of cases. But getting less pay? Declarations of being less capable I haven't even seen a hint of this and I live in a country where it supposedly happens all around me.

Not saying it doesn't happen but I have worked in a lot of companies so far and haven't seen it yet.

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