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Discussion on: Why svelte is revolutionary

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Hanna Author

Never heard of RiotJS! Maybe I'll give a try sometime.

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Dennis Frijlink

Yeah I know Riot.js. I love it!

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Thank you for your interest in Riot!
Riot.js is simple riot against complicated frontend.✊🔥
Riot is close to standards like web components and that's learning curve is so small.
It has only 3 template directives(if, each, is) and all template expressions are "just JavaScript".
Please try if you interest, and please post review if you like it.😃

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I tried svelte before, didn't work out for me because i have to work with legacy code (html generated server side), doesn't make sense for the compilation process etc. At the time svelte couldn't help me so I opted for vuejs. Riotjs looks quite interesting, but with vuejs3 comes out (half bundle size) I guess the only difference is virtual dom vs non virtual dom. I would love to try out riot though, I like its simple directives and explicit behavior. Not sure if it's worth switching at this point though.