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Hello everyone,

I'm Hazem. I born in Syria, grew up and living in Jordan and originally I'm from Palestine.

I discovered through Github trending and I'm so clade to join the community.

Iā€™m a lead software engineer based in Jordan and Saudi Arabia working with Tam Development LLC. One year ago, we came to Amman - Jordan to open a new software development branch.

I had a good experience in software engineering, database development/administration, 3D industry asset virtualization, managing teams and maintaining our modern family-oriented culture.

My favorite hobby is video games (Blizzard Entertainment games) and I really love farming, fishing, hanging out with friends, music (especially bob marly) and finally and unfortunately, I love high speed.

Thank you all for sharing your knowledge. And I will be happy to help and to be part of this awesome community.

If you are located in Jordan or Saudi Arabia and you need help regarding software engineering please feel free to contact me.

Thank you all!

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