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Hello everyone!

  • I swore I wrote a welcome post once but I can't seem to find it!!


  • I'm Holden;
  • aspiring developer, father, fiance, son, maker, and Network/Service Technician for a local school district.
  • I began Python development in a college class almost two years ago, but I just didn't stick with it. I had to much going on at the time to continue coding, but now I am back into it and determined to stick with it this time.
  • I am going to document my journey through Python and programming in general on my website that I am going to build with Python. I will provide some links to that as soon as I have it set up, it is currently in the works.
  • I found the site while listening to a Free Code Camp podcast with Ali Spittel and thought I would like to give it a try as my site is likely to be a blog/portfolio/CV website.
  • I'm glad to be here and hope to meet some amazing new people and tell you all about my journey, I hope that at least helps one person in their travels!
Thanks for having me!
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