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Discussion on: #discuss What to do about feedback you don't think is accurate

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Harry Dennen

TBH this feels like a question to weed out people who avoid uncomfortable truths about themselves. I doubt you'd get people saying their positive feedback was inaccurate, and negative feedback is always tough to swallow. Some face it as an opportunity to learn and improve while other people's brains will just defend the ego, either by trivializing or dismissing the feedback.

If the feedback genuinely was inaccurate, you might get a feel for how they resolve disagreements.

But yes, I think you could learn a lot from how someone answers this.

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Sam Jarman 👨🏼‍💻 Author

Positive feedback being inaccurate is interesting! I hadn't thought about that. I've received some positive feedback that I thought was perhaps unqualified (someone had heard good things and had assumed good of me, without working with me for example), but yeah, I'd be mainly more interested in that negative feedback