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Thanks for some great observations. I have some pretty hideous looking projects from a couple of years ago I'm not sure should ever be viewed by anyone :S

I agree that curiousity and wanting to figure something out is really important. My manager calls it 'guiding someone to realisation', not giving them the answer and not even having the conversation until they have tried their best to google and tinker around with the code to make it work.


Haha yes, it's difficult, but I think we should never be ashamed of the learning process.

A year ago I would have described myself as a senior backend dev, but the code I wrote back then seems not that great now. Chances are that year-into-the-future me will think the same about current-me.

It's true that there are some harsh or even toxic critics on the internet, but there are also plenty of devs who are either helped by, or willing to help with code of any level.

I'm trying to be confident enough to share more code with the world, it's not easy, but when I do it I'm always surprised that there are plenty of constructive positive responses.

You have a great big supportive community right here. I was really surprised what kind feedback I got posting in this forum.

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