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Hi @javinpaul,

Please read through the updated #beginner tag guidelines.

Promotional Guidelines

Articles should NOT primarily promote an external work, such as a Udemy course, website, or book (yours or someone else's). This is what Listings is for.

It IS acceptable to include a brief (1-2 sentence) plug for another resource at the bottom of your article, so long as the article contains complete and substantial content in its own right.

If you want to write up a list of resources (paid or free) for beginners, this IS acceptable on the following conditions:

Resources should be by at least three different distinct authors/creators. (Don't just make a list all of one person's work.)

Clearly indicate which resources are FREE (no cost or data whatsoever), which require personally identifiable information PII, and which cost money.

Do not use personal affiliate links to monetize. Use the exact same URLs that anyone else could provide.

It should be clear at the first paragraph that the article contains promotional links.


Hello Helen,

Thx for the reminder, I have added the disclosure as "Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links; I may receive compensation if you purchase products or services from the different links provided in this article."

Does it suffice? Or, do I need to remove the beginner tag altogether?



Affiliate links are allowed on DEV as long as they're disclosed, but we strongly discourage them on #beginners. Is there any way you can change them to "the exact same URLs that anyone else could provide"?

Hi Jason, I have taken note of this for future posting. thx

Don't forget, you can also edit your post. (Don't leave things as they are please.)

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