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Updates from the 88th meeting of TC39

There were several items on the agenda, this post focuses on feature proposals and their progress from the meeting that was held between January 24-28th, 2022.

Stage 1:

  • Reversible string split This propsal proposes the addition of a String.prototype.splitN method that splits the input string at most N-1 times, returning N substrings. The last item contains the remainder of the string.

The agenda had many items, out of which the proposals bit looked like:


No other proposals were advanced to the next stage during this meeting.

2022 TC39 Chair Group are complete!


Discussion (2)

andrewsmithdev profile image
Andrew Smith

Could you provide a link for the table of topics?

kenbellows profile image
Ken Bellows

Here's the full meeting agenda:
The table pictured above is item 15 under the "Agenda Items" heading.